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Why Your Resume is not being considered

You have sent a mail but have not received any response yet. Find out the reasons  why you are not getting shortlisted here

Fresher: Sends a Mail without a subject

Recruiter: Ok! We are receiving 100’s of emails every day and we do not have the time to open your mail and read the content and analyze it. We cannot process your profile


Fresher: Sends a mail without body content

Recruiter: If you are interested, can you not spend a minute to write a body. This either shows that you are not really interested in the job or you are in general careless


Fresher: Sends mail with a generic subject like “my resume”

Recruiter: We do know that it’s you resume but who are you? What position are you applying for? Are you fresher or experienced?


Fresher: Sends a mail including the email id’s or other recruiters in the “To” List

Recruiter:  You just need a job and sent your mail to all the recruiters and HR’s. This is not the right way to send a job email. Send us a separate mail explaining what position you are applying for and why you are interested in our company


Fresher: Sends a mail without mentioning the title of the job in the subject line. Example “Applying in your company” instead of “Applying for the post of Software Engineer as a fresher”

Recruiter: We do not have time to open your resume and find out a role for you . We have others who clearly mentioned what they are applying for!


Fresher: Sends a mail with unacceptable English in the subject line. For example “I apply to your company and send mail”

Recruiter: You might be a genius but any job in our company needs decent communication skills. Sorry, we are not interested


Fresher: Being too desperate in the email content. For example “I can work hard at any location and can work for more than 12 hours a day”

Recruiter: We knew that no one would be interested to work more than 12 hours a day. You are just trying to attract our attention in the wrong way


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