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With little restrictions, Lockdown 4.0 will be different from the previous ones: Modi

On Tuesday PM Narendra Modi had announced lockdown 4.0 which is a continuation of the existing lockdown in the country for several weeks. He also said that this lockdown, named lockdown 4.0 will be different from the previous lockdowns which are being implemented in the country since March 2020

This new lockdown will be based on the suggestions of the state governments. The fourth phase of lockdown will be declared from May 18. He asked the state governments to submit their suggestions by May 15. Some of the states had asked for the initiation of economic activities in their regions while some are cautious about it.

As part of the announcement, Prime Minister Modi had said that the virus will be part of our lives for some time and we should continue to live with it by following safety measures like social distancing, wearing masks, keeping the environment clean, etc. He also said that even though this virus affects us a lot, our world cannot just revolve around the virus only.

As part of social distancing, the asked the country to maintain a distance of 2 meters between each individual. With the third phase of lockdown ending on May 17, the fourth phase will immediately start on May 18.

PM Modi had also announced a humongous economic relief package worth Rs. 20 lakh crore. This new package is aimed at businesses and workers to relieve them from the devastating effects of the lockdowns so far. Most of the businesses are under the brink of bankruptcy.

This new deal for self-reliant India will consist of around 10% of the country’s GDP and will mainly focus on land, labor, liquidity, and laws. This also includes the full year of India’s gross tax revenue along with the Reserve Bank of India’s monetary ease.

The Union ministry also said that the non-essential movement will be allowed within the 7 am to 7 pm window. The government is also planning to allow the delivery of non-essential items in the green and orange zone in the coming days. Liquor, paan, and gutka stores will also be opened in safe areas;

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