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With the increase in Cyberattacks, here is how you can protect yourself while working from home

Due to the widespread of COVID-19, many of us are working from home and making a habit out of it. Working from home comes with some downsides such as maintaining the focus, prioritizing other works at home, etc. These are some of the compromises we need to make to make the most out of work from home. But the most important thing while working from home is security. It should not be compromised.

During this period, many cybercriminals are taking advantage of the current situation and are attempting to exploit the company’s data. The most common type is that attackers are sending phishing emails in the name of COVID-19. These are created to attract individuals to click on the malicious links that download RATs(Remote Administration Tools) onto the system.

The other type is corrupt android applications related to COVID19. When these are installed on the device, the data in the smartphone will be lost or will be accessed by the attackers and they can sell that data to other sources or can blackmail the individuals. With the rise in the spread of COVID19, there is also a huge rise in the fake websites related to that. Although not every new website is corrupt, surely some of them are and it is difficult to distinguish.

Hackers are taking advantage of the situation that there will be fewer employees at the offices to maintain the security of the servers which has the company’s crucial data. Also, while working from home the security will be less due to the use of personal networks at home. Its the responsibility of both the company and individual to protect the company’s data.

Here is how businesses can tackle this situation:

Have a clear understanding of the threats faced by the company
The organization leaders should have a clear idea about the attacks made on the organization and work with the security teams to design protocols that handle the situation.

Ensure clear communication and provide guidance
Apt policies should be designed, which are clear and easy to understand. This makes the employee easy to follow while working from home. Also, the employees should be encouraged to report even a small suspicious activity to the security teams of the organization.

Also, along with these, some other things to follow are:

  • Provide VPN service across the company with endpoint protection
  • Create a secure connection from any network while accessing the company’s cloud data/server data
  • Install multi-step authentication
  • Create automated intelligence to handle the attacks in real-time.
  • Filter out the phishing emails and malicious websites.

Individuals also have the responsibility to maintain the security of the organization. Here are some of the steps the employees should follow

  • Create a strong and complex password.
  • Update the system regularly and install all the security patches made by the company.
  • Secure the wifi access point at home
  • Always use VPN to connect to connect
  • Understand the scams related to COVID19. These can be of many types ranging from phishing emails to corrupt websites.
  • Have a dedicated set of devices while working. It’s not a good practice to use your personal device for work.

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