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With the job offers in hand, IIT and IIM grads are uncertain about the future.

Students for the Indian Institute of Management and Indian Institute of Technology are very much uncertain about the future ahead, even though having jobs in hand. These institutes are confident that most of the companies will honor their commitments with their students. The companies are looking at several ways to deploy these students into their organizations. Few of them are trying to have a virtual onboard of the selected students and some are even considering shifting their branches from foreign locations to India, temporarily.

The placement cells from these IITs and IIM’s are expecting a postponement in the joining dates, salary cuts. They are also prepared to handle the worst-case scenario, wherein the recruiting company will revoke the job offers of their students. Till now, the only company which had revoked the job offers is Gartner, an US-based research and advisory firm. These institutions are preparing backup plans to handle this scenario.

IIMs at Bangalore, Kozhikode, Ahmedabad, and Indore are confident that most of the companies which recruited their students will be honoring the job offers. Some companies, with data privacy issues, even dispatched laptops. Some other companies are even looking at options of Work from home and the rest even moved their offices temporarily to India.

The placement officer at Indore has commented that they understand the postponement of the joining dates. But most of the students are also expecting many other companies to follow Gartner and revoke their offers.

These institutions, some IITs and IIMs are also planning to set up special placement drives for the students whose offers were canceled. Recently, IIT Delhi Director has shared a post on social media, requesting the companies to consider before withdrawing/ revoking the job offers made to their students. Some of the IIT institutions are reaching out to its alumni and companies in the least affected sector to hire its students with no offers at hand.

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