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You don’t need a degree to get these highest paying jobs. Check out what they are

You would be surprised to see that some of the jobs don’t require a degree or good programming knowledge. It just requires common sense, hard work. Here are some of the white-collar jobs which do not require a degree to apply.

Greeting customers, acquiring and maintaining sales are the key aspects of this job. The products which salesperson need to sell are very diverse, ranging from clothes to gadgets. Being a team player and a friendly personality are some of the crucial requirements for this job. Along with the main salary, there will always be a bonus if the sales were met or exceeded.

Data Entry:
Data Entry is one of the most underrated jobs of this time. The work of a data entry person would be entering the data into a system or accessing it using data processing software. Sometimes, transcribing phone conversations is also part of the job. This job only requires a high school degree, knowledge of data processing and very necessary skill of Microsoft Excel. Teamwork, meeting the deadlines are some of the key qualities required for this job.

Working in catering doesn’t require a college degree. Rather, it needs a sharp and shrewd judgment. There is a lot of market for catering these days, especially with all the weddings which happen almost every day of the year. Other events such as anniversaries, birthdays, engagements happen regularly. There is a lot of potential in this market segment to catch on. Depending on the client, caterers can earn up to 50,000 based on the type of event. One more important benefit in this area is that the network will grow in an exponential manner in catering.

Warehouse Packers:
Shifting requires wrapping, packing, transporting to destination. This is all done by warehouse packers. This job doesn’t require a college degree. All you need is physical strength, some labor, and a few trucks. With the growth in e-commerce companies such as Amazon, Flipkart there is a lot of scope in this type of job.

Real-estate agents:
Arranging the sale of a property, brokering are some of the few requirements for a real estate agent job. Negotiation, shrewd behavior, are some of the skills required for this job. This is also one of the areas where the network will grow in an exponential way. There will always be a lot of potential in real estate and you don’t need a college degree to become a real estate agent.

Cab drivers:
The most underrated job to ever exist is arguably the cab driver’s job. Cab drivers earn a lot. These days with the boom of companies like UBER, OLA, etc there is a lot of requirement for drivers. Cab drivers do not need a college degree. They need a driving license. That’s all. With that, you are good to start a cab driver job and earn some good money. This cab driving market never goes down, will always be in demand.

A few other jobs which do not need a college degree are Bartenders, Photographers, Tour guides.

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